What does Free Your Footprint do?

We want to be the adhesive between what you care about (the planet) and what you’re already doing (running).

Quite literally, putting the ‘active’ in activism.

There are a huge amount of amazing people out there, doing incredible things, and we want to create a community which will enable all of these people and things to come together in order to share and support each other in their missions.

The end goal of FYF is to ultimately celebrate that between us, we were able to clock more miles, and amplify projects' positive impacts.

Each project or initiative will set us a challenge, which we have to meet as a community, and if we reach the goal the project will follow through with their pledged support. Think sponsoring someone's marathon, but on a HUGE level, and it doesn’t cost you anything to be a part of the community.

The Strava Club Free Your Footprint, is where we will be measuring the miles and collecting the data to provide to our project partners, but we have our blog and instagram too where we encourage all community members to share what we’re doing and all the hard work our partners are putting in.

Each partner that we have will be introduced properly, their mission explained and their goals transparent. Any company or initiative can be a partner, providing they are planet focused and delivering positive change and development. To keep up to date with the current challenge and partners check out our instagram and blog.

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