Ecofiltro - Who Are They?

Free Your Footprint would like to introduce you to our latest partner, the incredible Ecofiltro. This company has kindly pledged to donate enough water filters to provide 25,000 school children with clean water for 5 years. The challenge? Get our Strava Club to run 1 million miles.. But, before we dive into that we’d like to share some more information about Ecofiltro and why we think their work is such a worthwhile endeavour.

Ecofiltro started operating as a non-profit organisation more than 20 years ago, to tackle the fact that clean water is lacking in the rural homes of many Guatemalans. After concluding that the problem could not be effectively solved by relying solely on donations, the director Philip Wilson, turned Ecofiltro into an impact company. Becoming a ‘social business’ meant focusing on a hybrid approach to the problem, by taking the sales of filters in urban areas to reduce the price of filters for families in rural areas.

By constructing a new factory in Antigua in 2012 and producing all the filters for the communities with the work of the communities themselves, Ecofiltro can proudly say they have distributed more 700,000 versions of their product throughout the whole of Guatemala.

The product, the Ecofiltro itself, is capable of purifying water from almost any source (basin, tap, river, lake, lagoon, rain) with very few exceptions such as salty sea water. They last 2 years and come with a warranty for its expected lifetime too, just in case.

Ecofiltro is so special because it truly is a social enterprise, using exclusively sustainable methods to achieve their goals. They are an open book who are ready to share their production processes and strategies with any external group that is interested in solving the water challenge in their own country.

The exciting aspect of this partnership is not only are Ecofiltro supporting Free Your Footprint and giving us that extra reason to run, they have their own mission which is to have reached 1 million Guatemalan families in rural areas by 2025. We are both getting one step closer to achieving our goals, by seeing and shouting about each others.

Be sure to check out their socials, including Ecofiltro's YouTube and Instagram

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